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Somatics for Writers

Price includes print workbook*

Learn the surprising relationships between the body and writing fiction, and how to make it work for you, instead of against you. Course includes hours of videos with specific movements designed to improve your writing output and quality in a wide variety of tangible ways.

Get active instead of reading about how exercise would be healthy, if you could fit it into your writing schedule. Now you can. This course is delivered to you through audio and video to allow you to stand up and move while learning, though there are documents you may look at if you like, and some brief writing exercises. But don't worry -- it doesn't suggest obvious things like to bicycle under your desk. These exercises target your fiction-flab and make it into fab fiction.

The workbook details the exercises given on the website, and provides space to write the answers and notes. A PDF is also included to download and use immediately if you want to get started while waiting for shipment.

If you move around a lot on your feet all during the day, and want to get into writing, but don't want to slow down and lose your edge, this class reveals a way to optimize that juncture.

If you're prone to writers' block, this class will get you past it and you'll know how to get through it any time. I completely count on using these methods to generate ideas in fiction all throughout the process, myself. Knowing how well this works, and the science behind it, makes all the difference to my career, with a Science Fiction novel series arising from this technique.

If you're working hard as a writer, you're dying fast. Even if you work out for an hour in the mornings, and evenings, if you write at a stretch, studying publication markets, networking, blogging, working with your website, and such, well good for you! But now that you've gotten where you are, let's bring your body into the process in a way that maximizes your production and let's you get healthier and live long enough to enjoy your success.

Multiple studies show that remaining sedentary for periods is worse for shortening your life than even tobacco. Doctors tell us no amount exercise out after any significant length of time at your desk makes up for the damage long periods of writing straight through will do.

Why work so hard spending your time trying to make money as a writer that you have to turn around and pay for medication? Make more money by writing better with these exercises, and don't give hospitals or funeral homes a reason to take it from you.

But who wants to set an alarm as the experts recommended and force yourself to stop working to go lose vita working time by doing something unrelated, over and over all through your writing session? How unnatural.

But there are ways you can make this new medical revelation work for you in unexpected ways, and make your writing much better than it ever was, become more prolific, at the same time you save your life. When you see how much working this way helps your writing, you'll want to get up from the keyboard regularly. Doing things in a routine way leads to brain shrinkage, so this movement challenges you by the minute, in adventurous and highly productive ways.

You can listen to the audio lessons about the science behind all the varied exercises in this class while you're standing up to take health breaks, getting things done, exercising, walking outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Note: Many are audio that are labeled in Fedora as Files. And if you want to review the quotes and studies in the articles, you can read them at your leisure. Actively participate in the video lessons that provide answers to how to solve universal literary problems along with your new fitness and writing buddy, me.

Then, do the movements encouraged in those videos and audios on your own whenever your writing propels you upward off the chair to take advantage of the higher creativity and specific literary solutions that come with these exploratory exercises. These aren't traditional physical fitness exercises, but are based on moving your writing forward in the moment in tangible ways. Anyone can do them and they're easy to ease into.

Most advice out there treats writing as if we were disembodied brains in a jar connected by cords to our laptops. How can we write with more awareness of our bodies to greatly enhance its quality? How can we learn to feel the Literary and Genre narratives we absorb more fully? How can we in turn use our own body to create stories (and poetry, and creative non-fiction) that our readers will feel strongly in theirs?

Many sections include Discus so any students taking it can share thoughts on the topics. After the quiz at the end of the class, send me your reactions to the workbook by email if desired. On completion, you receive a Certificate.

Learn how to use your body to generate the next ideas, and make them come out great during the process of writing. Enjoy examples of writing that incorporate the body in innovative ways. Prepare for giving more dramatic readings. Make your characters more full-bodied, your settings and props more vivid, the action more exciting, the dialogue more believable.

Learn how to make your readers feel more empathy for your characters, how to work with the physiology of how people respond to narrative, how to create more musical and graceful poetic sentences and lines. Discover the secret for carrying readers through your literature by the specific ways you involve the characters' bodies. Write more muscular prose, access your subconscious, counteract the tension of the plot and the travails the characters go through.

Why take an over-hyped generic, conventional class where you have to sit and read and watch the same tired advice about how to write regurgitated from all the other classes, when you can take something completely unique and learn a whole new skill set that gives you the advantage over other writers who have never imagined such a thing as this. Find confidence knowing the secret of how you can generate the next idea and it will be glorious.

Instead of a generic talking head video with no movement or playfulness, why not get your fun on, with someone very human, in a more spontaneous conversational tone. Instead of blocks and clicks, outlines and advertisements, how about something more like brick and mortar classroom teaching? When I used to teach in person, I'd use physical humor, play pranks for learning purposes, act things out. In these videos, sometimes I even go into persona as examples of character immersion, using costumes. Being a writer not only rewards us when it pays us money, it is meant to be fun along the way!

And you will be healthier, youthful, playfully enjoying the sensuality of this world, with more heightened awareness of feeling the beauty of literature all through your body. Know the secrets of how to give that pleasure to your readers in the way only you can. They can't turn that down.

While my other classes maintain a more "professional" stance, this one has lots of playfulness. Think of it as having a friendly mentor meeting up with you in person and having fun together as you brainstorm your stories, with humor and theatricality.

* Print workbook mailed to anyone in the Continental U.S. free. Course includes printable file. Students outside U.S. can either print the book pages, pay for shipping with PayPal, credit card, or check -- or take the Interactive class and receive free shipping.

If you have happen to have trouble watching videos, use Firefox or Chrome.

Workbook includes coupons to five Fedora writing classes for 10 percent off!

Your Instructor

Tantra Bensko
Tantra Bensko

Tantra Bensko has taught fiction writing for five years through UCLA X Writing Program, Writers College, and her Online Writing Academy as well as teaching through Lit Demon and Villagecraft. She taught writing at FSU, Memphis State, and University of Iowa for six years; she also edits manuscripts. She obtained her MA from FSU and her MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop.

She has books out from a variety of publishers, the latest a Slipstream novella, Equinox Mirror, from ELJ Publications, and the next due out a Science Fiction novel, Unside, from Driven Press. Her flashes, short stories and novelettes appear in magazines such as Mad Hatters Review, Unlikely Stories, Camroc Press Review, Birkensnake, Fiction International, Journal of Experimental Fiction, Zymbol, Triangulation: Parch, Holdfast, and The Fabulist, and anthologies such as Surreal South, Women Writing the Weird I and II, Ironic Fantastic, Redacted Stories, Not Somewhere Else But Here, and Strange Little Girls. Her poetry and articles are also widely published, such as in Carolina Quarterly, the Iowa Journal of Literary Studies, Entropy, and Literary Orphans.

She lives in Berkeley. She enjoys walking where ever she goes, bird songs, trees, dancing, laughing, studying the machinations behind the scenes in society, foreign arty films, friendships, and her son.

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