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Somatics for Writers Interactive

Engage with Instructor to Write for Your Life

This class supplements Somatics for Writers.

This could be the most important writing class you ever take.

How would you like to save time and get significantly ahead on your writing projects in a way that's proven scientifically will make you live longer, smarter, and happier?

Don't just sit and read about the extreme benefits of very specific kinds of exercise. Don't then spend more time sitting while reading about how to write fiction with more action, muscular prose, scintillating excitement, vivid scenes, showing through the senses and movements, creating characters in scenes we can never forget.

Use this class time, and the time you spend for the rest of your life after you learn these unique skills, to make your heart, your brain, your mood, memory, intelligence, your creativity, and your fiction spectacular through movements you won't hear about anywhere but this class.

Learn a method you can count on to generate ideas for your narratives, dissolving writers block and a sensation of being stuck.

Improve your health without having to take time away from your writing progress.

Work on individual questions with your work, do practice exercises, discover plot points, live your characters from the inside out, and much more.

This supplement to Somatics for Writers should be not only fun, lively, playful, but also leave you with strong feedback, precise and measurable results, and a sense of confidence. Push beyond your comfort level, get out of the chair, act, dance, direct, leap, pace, and make the best notes of your life.

Adding this to your Somatics for Writers class means we will schedule sessions to work together over video, doing the active exercises from class together in a way that helps you come up with and implement ideas for your narrative, characterization, plot arc, dialogue, etc.. for two hours altogether, all at once, or in segments and pacing that fits your schedule.

There's a lot of material you can chose from to do with me in the order that's useful for you, or you can chose to let me make the decision about how to organize the sessions.

For example, you may want to work with coming up with a major plot point for a narrative you're working on. This is a similar situation as hiring a Development person to sit and type and then you sit and read the suggestions. But this is an alternate method that still provides advice in a way that allows you to write the story. It does so in a way that can be more productive of lively work, drawing from movement to generate ideas, which may be a much better way for you than sitting waiting for the concept of action to come to you from a sedentary space. We talk about it real-time, incorporating the applicable exercises to get tangible results.

Maybe you're working on a novel, and want a face you can see at increments along your process, a body who responds to the story with fear, anger, empathy, excitement, boredom, tears, laughter, and a range of subtle emotions that can be gauged immediately and directly to see if your story is working, and how to find the reaction you want.

Maybe you aren't as interested in punctuation edits you read alone in your room as you work on it hours at a time. Maybe you instead want interaction with a teacher, freed-up discussions in the moment about where to take your story, in a high energy environment. Maybe you need enthusiasm and encouragement or an "in person" conversation so you know how to read the subtext and tone of the advise better than you would a written report. You can ask questions for clarification and we can collaborate as a team on your narrative while moving through it.

Each detailed exercise in the class helps you work on something specific. If you watch the videos you can try it out on your own, but maybe it doesn't come naturally to you at first and you want someone to do it with you, coach you through it, actively work with your project with you to come up with clear-cut results.

You can sign up for both at the same time or take Somatics for Writers first and then sign up for this Interactive later. There is no deadline for completing the two hours of video interaction plus the twenty minutes that comes with the regular class. This course works in conjunction with the same workbook included with the regular one.

You can sign up for the class multiple times to consult with me on your writing, concepts, publication strategy, etc. while we stay active and use somatics when appropriate to help the process.

If you have signed up for the regular class, you'll receive the print workbook sent to you for free if you like in the Continental U.S. but if you want the book and live elsewhere, you must contact me to pay extra shipping. However, if you take this class, you will receive the shipping free wherever you are.

Photo by Heather Fowler of me leading the Somatics presentation as part of the JEF panel at the &Now Festival of New Writing: Blast Radius and Other Arts in Valencia, CA 2015.

Your Instructor

Tantra Bensko
Tantra Bensko

Tantra Bensko has taught fiction writing online for ten years through UCLA X Writing Program, Writers College, Writers.com and her Online Writing Academy as well as teaching through Lit Demon and Villagecraft. She taught writing at FSU, Memphis State, and University of Iowa for six years; she also edits manuscripts with Book Butchers as well as through this academy. She obtained her MA from FSU and her MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop.

She is a multi-award-winning novelist with a Psychological Suspense series called The Agents of the Nevermind. The first book won a gold medal in a major international contest with Readers Favorite. She has books out from a variety of publishers, including a Slipstream novella, chapbooks and short story collections. Her flashes, short stories and novelettes appear in over two hundred magazines such as Mad Hatters Review, Unlikely Stories, Camroc Press Review, Birkensnake, Fiction International, Journal of Experimental Fiction, Zymbol, Triangulation: Parch, Holdfast, and The Fabulist, and anthologies such as Surreal South, Women Writing the Weird I and II, Ironic Fantastic, Redacted Stories, Not Somewhere Else But Here, and Strange Little Girls. Nearly 100 of her poems appear in magazines, such as in Carolina Quarterly, the Iowa Journal of Literary Studies, Entropy, and Literary Orphans. All of her genres have won awards.

She lives in Berkeley. She enjoys walking where ever she goes, bird songs, trees, dancing, laughing, studying the machinations behind the scenes in society, foreign arty films, friendships, and her son.

Class Curriculum

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When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and ends when you have completed 6 hours in total of interaction with me over video by Skype.
How long do I have access to the course?
As long as you like. The timing is up to you.

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