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Finding Your Focus


Write some combination of poetry, non-fiction, short stories, novels, creative non-fiction, screenplays, memoir, genre and literary, or just want to write something, but you're not sure what? Talk with me on video, audio, or chat, as well as sharing files over email.

We can look at bits of all types of your work and help you identify your strong and weak points, ways of integrating and prioritizing the types of writing you want to do, deciding on a plan that will be most fulfilling, viable, and fitting for your needs or the current market. You can learn the methods to go about searching for submission calls, the terms you need know for finding your way.

This is not a pre-made class, so there is no syllabus, is all done through email, customized to you. This can be your introduction to studying longer term with OWA in fiction, poetry, or non-fiction, as all types of coaching are available.

Three weeks.

Your Instructor

Tantra Bensko
Tantra Bensko

Tantra Bensko has taught fiction writing for five years through UCLA X Writing Program, Writers College, and her Online Writing Academy as well as teaching through Lit Demon and Villagecraft. She taught writing at FSU, Memphis State, and University of Iowa for six years; she also edits manuscripts. She obtained her MA from FSU and her MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop.

She has books out from a variety of publishers, the latest a Slipstream novella, Equinox Mirror, from ELJ Publications, and the next due out a Science Fiction novel, Unside, from Driven Press. Her flashes, short stories and novelettes appear in magazines such as Mad Hatters Review, Unlikely Stories, Camroc Press Review, Birkensnake, Fiction International, Journal of Experimental Fiction, Zymbol, Triangulation: Parch, Holdfast, and The Fabulist, and anthologies such as Surreal South, Women Writing the Weird I and II, Ironic Fantastic, Redacted Stories, Not Somewhere Else But Here, and Strange Little Girls. Her poetry and articles are also widely published, such as in Carolina Quarterly, the Iowa Journal of Literary Studies, Entropy, and Literary Orphans.

She lives in Berkeley. She enjoys walking where ever she goes, bird songs, trees, dancing, laughing, studying the machinations behind the scenes in society, foreign arty films, friendships, and her son.

Class Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Instructor experienced in a variety of kinds of writing?

Yes. I've sold many stories, articles, and poems, have a novel accepted, have a screenwriting certificate and many movies produced by Forkitude, degrees in English and Poetry. I'm well published in Literary and a wide variety of genres.

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