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Conversational and Written English Dynamic for Non Native Speakers -- 1 Hour

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Want to become more comfortable with English? Good, you've found me! Why study with me? There are free classes online to learn English from websites and videos. But Conversational English is different because it's interactive. Studies show people remember 5 % of what they learn from lectures but 90% from the kinds of things we would do in this class. Much better!

Why am I the Conversational English teacher for you? Do you get tired of classes that are generic, without personality? Do you want something in a more personal like you would with your friends? We can have fun learning in lots of dynamic ways working on exactly what you need to know. We can be unique real individuals, not robots.

Class is appropriate whether you live in an English speaking country, or plan to visit, or not. Talk and write with me to improve your English. It is customized to your level of English understanding and desired applications, but if you are a beginner, this is not the best class for you, as it is all done in English. If you have a mobile device, such as a phone, IPad, etc, you can carry your class with you.

I live in Berkeley, CA, which is Pacific Time zone, and am available most normal waking hours on a flexible schedule. We can schedule in 1 hour increments on a regular schedule, an irregular schedule, or when we have time spontaneously. Just email me flameflower at runbox dot com once you buy the class, or if you want to discuss it buying it, to schedule the talks on Skype.

Read the Syllabus in the 5 Hour Course to see some ideas for things we can do. The Dynamics are fun ways to learn better. The Practicals get things accomplished or prepare for events. We will not do these things in order; they are just possibilities to use if and when you want to. It also mentions a few things you can learn through video. Note: Syllabus is two pages.

I completed a 160 Certification Master Class on TEFL from TEFL Anywhere school, accredited by CPD. I taught English classes in person since I was in high school, throughout graduate school getting my MA in English and my MFA in Writing, and as an Instructor at Memphis State, at LeBonheur Children's Hospital, and the Birmingham school district. I've taught for years online at UCLA X, Writers College, and Lit Demons as well as my own academy. I tutored adult Asian students in English speaking and writing in person and online in San Francisco and online through Thumbtack.

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Your Instructor

Tantra Bensko
Tantra Bensko

Tantra Bensko has taught fiction writing for five years through UCLA X Writing Program, Writers College, and her Online Writing Academy as well as teaching through Lit Demon and Villagecraft. She taught writing at FSU, Memphis State, and University of Iowa for six years; she also edits manuscripts. She obtained her MA from FSU and her MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop.

She has books out from a variety of publishers, the latest a Slipstream novella, Equinox Mirror, from ELJ Publications, and the next due out a Science Fiction novel, Unside, from Driven Press. Her flashes, short stories and novelettes appear in magazines such as Mad Hatters Review, Unlikely Stories, Camroc Press Review, Birkensnake, Fiction International, Journal of Experimental Fiction, Zymbol, Triangulation: Parch, Holdfast, and The Fabulist, and anthologies such as Surreal South, Women Writing the Weird I and II, Ironic Fantastic, Redacted Stories, Not Somewhere Else But Here, and Strange Little Girls. Her poetry and articles are also widely published, such as in Carolina Quarterly, the Iowa Journal of Literary Studies, Entropy, and Literary Orphans.

She lives in Berkeley. She enjoys walking where ever she goes, bird songs, trees, dancing, laughing, studying the machinations behind the scenes in society, foreign arty films, friendships, and her son.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my house is messy?

Don't worry about it! Unless you like the motivation of a session to clean up, you can just leave it as it is.

What if you can't understand my accent well enough to do the session at all?

I will refund your money.

Can I eat at the same time?

Yes, sometimes people are busy and meal time is the only time to do this. Also, it can be like eating with someone instead of alone. If you do, I'll join you, with some tea or something.

What if the kids are home, running around, interupting?

That's fine.

Can we talk about anything?

Almost anything yes. If it makes me uncomfortable, I will tell you and ask you not to return to that topic.

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